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Power, Strength, Speed, Agility, Endurance, Coordination, Flexability, Injury Prevention, Confidence

Mission Statement

(ELITE) Elevate, Lead, Inspire, Train, Evolve.

Elevate your expectations and hold yourself to a higher standard.
Lead by example. Be a man or woman of action.
Inspire others to want more for themselves.
Train those around you.
Evolve together as a team, group or community.

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Speed and Agility Camp

Speed / Agility / Power / Strength / Coordination / Injury Prevention / Self Confidence / Nutrition / Read more

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Whatever your fitness/training goals are E.S.C. is here to guide you. Conveniently located on the border of Coppell and Lewisville, 1/2 mile off 121/Sam Rayburn Toll.

Personal training gives one the individualized attention to maximize their efficiency and effectiveness in the gym but is often expensive making it hard to maintain. Group training classes and boot camps can be highly motivational and more reasonably priced, but lack the individuality and personal attention to technique to be as effective long term. Our unique detailed oriented programs allow for the best of both worlds, individualized programing in a group, team or sport specific setting. We do offer reasonably priced one-on-one training, as well as nutritional counseling. Our gym is always growing and we are continually trying to find ways to better serve our community. Contact us to find out about current and upcoming programs!!! 

Strength, Power and Performance Strength, Power and Performance are the building blocks of E.S.C. Training. Everything starts with a strong foundation. Athletes must develop a good solid base of strength. Once this strong foundation of strength and proper mechanics is created the athlete can begin to develop higher levels of velocity in their training.

The solid strength foundation is used to increse the athletes overall power giving them the ability to jump higher, run faster, react quicker. In order to maximize this ability they must learn how to use their body properly in their respective sports setting. This final building block, performance, allows the ahtlete to get the highest level of transfer from training to sport performance. E.S.C. training programs are tailored to the goals of the individual or team and based on increasing sport performance. This training system is completely free weight. No machines of any kind. This has proven the most effective method of training for the athlete.


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