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Coach Drake Dudley

Coach Drake Dudley

Drake Dudley was introduced to MMA in a recreational/playful setting at 2 ½ years old; these were mostly drills that consisted of basic skills in the arts of MMA. Growing up on the mat, cage, and ring from age 5, Drake soaked up valuable knowledge like a sponge from being around fighters of all styles and backgrounds. Drake was part of the first generation of kids that grew up training in modern MMA techniques. Growing up in the environment that he did, Drake’s experience was more advanced compared to most kids his age. Drake was featured in Grappling Magazine, Ultimate Athlete, and MMA International magazines as a child competitor. Check out the YouTube videos of “Ultimate Drake Dudley” from ages, 6-20, which were documented and display a wide variety of unique skill sets. Drake continued to learn the arts of self-defense from other adults who were highly coached and trained; this is where Drake spent a lot of his time learning and polishing his technique.

Drake Dudley started competing in jiu-jitsu at age 7, which is where his youth career took off. He trained locally to get ready to travel the United States and Brazil, entering tournaments like NAGA, Grapplers Quest, Copa Pacifica, and Brasileiros, and other national events. Drake's father, Kirk, believed in physical and mental preparation for any tournament. Entering competitions locally to get ready for the national events was a method established to achieve higher results. Optimizing strength, speed, and flexibility were consistently used to prevent injury.

At ages 6-9, Drake began his short boxing career where he started drilling basic footwork, technique, and sparring in local gyms. Drake won the Dallas Golden Gloves and was a two-time National Black Gloves champion. His career in wrestling started at age 9, which still continues today. By utilizing the different styles and training in the various arts, they allowed for a more fluid and diverse style. This is the winning formula Drake Dudley believes in. Training in different sports made it easier to stay interested in constant improvement in all areas of the game. This "never static" platform is what has helped Drake to this day. He wants to teach others this same philosophy to create a positive, winning mindset for all ages of youth and adults. The only way to improve your game is to continue adapting, learning, and of course competing.